ASTM-A-515 \ ASTM-A-516

Peacefort largely deals in BQ Plates conforming to ASTM A 515 & 516 which are basically high tensile carbon steel plates with controlled chemistry and physical properties. ASTM A 515 is basically coarse grained steel, largely used for high temperature applications, wherein the grain structure allows for reasonable expansion. ASTM A 516 is a fine grained steel largely used for cryogenic applications. The fine grain makes it ideal for impact load especially at sub zero temperatures. However, based on the stress charts, both the specifications can be comfortably interchanged for applications upto 300 Deg. C.

Our expertise lies in identifying mills all over the world, that make quality Boiler Quality (BQ) plates conforming to SA 515/516 Gr. 60/70 at affordable prices and importing the same. We ensure that we import quality steel thereby maintaining consistent quality for our clients. These plates are consumed to manufacture and supply BQ plate profiles. Being high tensile plates with a controlled carbon composition these plates are also used for pressure vessels viz. Boilers, Reactors, Agitatiors, Dryers, etc. They are also used in the manufacture of certain turbines structural applications.

Our in house Ultrasonic Testing facilities allow us to maintain a high degree of quality control. We are also tied up with leading testing laboratories for Destructive Tests. We stock plates ranging from 6mm thickmness to 200 mm thickness. These plates are offered with corelating mill test certificates, duly approved by Third Party inspection agencies such as Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas Inspection Services (B.V.I.S), SGS India Ltd., etc. at the mill itself.

Since we are direct importers , the original mill test certificates are always available, as a testimony, to prove the genuineness of the plates. Besides, due to the best practices adopted at Peacefort over the past 18 years of operations, it has earned an enviable level of credibility, with its clients as well as the Inspection Agencies.
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